Thinking about DIY Insulation? Think Instead.

themo-sideTired of being cold this winter? Are you too hot in the summer? Do you run your AC or furnace all the time? Dreading opening the enormous energy bills? Chances are you have considered re-insulating your home. You might even be tempted to do it yourself. You have seen those big rolls of fluffy pink insulation at your local home improvement store. You might have asked yourself – how hard can it be, right?

Well, doing it right requires specialized knowledge and equipment that the average homeowner does not know or have access too. Here are five good reasons to leave it to the professionals at Avalon Building Concepts.

1. You don’t have the same knowledge as we do. 

Why would you? Insulation is not a DIY project that people make into inspiration boards on Pinterest. Most homeowners don’t think about it. You rarely see it. It lines your home’s attic, walls, and crawl spaces.  It keeps your expensive warm or cool air inside and the weather outside where it belongs. As a result most homeowners do not know about the different kinds of insulation. They do not know how to correctly install insulation, and most importantly, do not know how to test if they have installed it correctly.

2. You don’t have the tools.

Correctly insulating a home requires certain tools that most DIY-ers simply will not have access to. This results in homeowners spending too much money on tools that will most likely only be used once. Yes, you could do the best with the tools you have in your shed, but will the insulation perform correctly with the incorrect tool?

bad-hair3. You don’t have experience with the trade. 

Insulation creates a barrier between the weather outside and the inside of your home. Avalon Building Concepts knows that allowing for air circulation is important to protecting your home and install ventilation devices like baffles to allow sufficient airflow in your home. We are trained and experienced in the trade to make sure your home is carefully and efficiently insulated. Additionally many energy companies are offering small rebates to consumers for upgrades designed to improve energy efficiency. Dollar for dollar, providing good attic insulation to your home provides outstanding return on investment.

4. You’re not a licensed home inspector. 

Avalon Building Concepts knows a home should be carefully inspected for signs of mold, mildew, and/or infestation. This must be done before insulation is installed. It is also important to ensure that any structural repairs and upgrades are taken care of before you start. Correct handling and disposal of old insulation is often not known by DIY-ers due to the lack of knowledge in identifying what insulation product was originally installed.

5. Your choices in product are limited.

This is simple. You are limited to what you can buy at your local home improvement store. Avalon Building Concepts works with a variety of insulation manufacturers so that our customers do not miss out on the most efficient and effective form of insulation available today.

snugglesideWhile DIY can be a lot of fun, you should leave insulation to the professionals. Our teams at Avalon Building Concepts goal is to treat your home like our own. In fact, chances are after installation, the only way you’ll know we were there at all is your home will be much more comfortable and your energy bills will be lower. Stop giving your AC and furnace a workout. If you are ready to be more comfortable at home and save money on your energy bills – contact us today to schedule a free in home insulation inspection.

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